Slide Scanner: A headless Raspberry Pi Zero project that uses the RPi camera to capture images from a backlit slide using RPi Cam Control.

Pi Clock: Small Display that shows radar, streams Weather Radio, and can display local conditions from a BYOWSRPI (Bring your own Weather Station for Raspberry Pi) web server.

WxStation: A Raspberry Pi Hat PCB I created to replace the Oracle Weather Board.

Dsky4RPi: A display keyboard along the lines of an Apollo era DSKY. Works with yaAGC software, and at some point I'll get it so that it works via TCP so that it works with Orbiter 2016.

FireStone: Attempt to get Google AIY or Amazon Alexa to work on Raspberry Pi Zero with a ReSpeaker Hat. Sadly, Amazon and Google don't have a good track record on support for this.

RetroPie: A fun project where I built an tabletop arcade cabinet with an old monitor and a RPi running RetroPie.

3D Printer Build Out: I printed the pieces of a Prusa Mendel and built it out for clay extrusion, computer aided machining (shown with a Dremel head), and laser etching.

TM1637 and Accelerometer: Connected several 7 segment displays and an accelerometer to a Raspberry Pi.

Power Supply Box: Simple 3D printed box for a better under the counter holder for LED lights.

Star Trek Intercomm: A case for a Raspberry Pi 0 that could do VoIP or Alexa/G-AIY (if I could get that to work).

3D Scanner: Printed the Ciclop 3D Scanner and hope to modify the FabScan software to leverage the simpler circuitry.